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Home, delivered.

By Tulane Students, For Tulane Students.

Waking Wave Rentals is the eco-friendly way to upgrade your standard Twin XL into a full-sized sleep sanctuary or furnish an off-campus spot. You’ll get a brand-new full XL memory foam mattress converter and frame delivered straight to your room with assembly and pick-up included. Let us take care of the hassle and stress of getting your Tulane home exactly right - you don’t have to lift a finger.

After a successful pilot program last year, Waking Wave is now open for rentals from all students!

How It Works



Order online using Shopify Secure Checkout.



We set up a delivery time and bring the furniture to your room, and set everything up for you.



At the end of the term, leave your bed in the room. We come back and take care of everything. Easy. Questions? Check out our FAQs

Queen-size Memory Foam Rental

Our biggest, comfiest option!

46-inch Super Topper

Perfect for smaller rooms and freshmen!

Try it risk-free for thirty days.

If you don't love your bed anytime within thirty days of receiving it, just let us know. We will come pick it up, and give you a full refund. No questions asked.

What it costs to own a bed at school:



Bed Frame


Set Up



Renting From Waking Wave

The Waking Wave mattress by Roomie

Included with the mattress

We handle all moving & storage

White Glove service

Term to term flexibility

$350 / year

Doing it yourself

Our mattress retail: $999.99 (with shipping and tax)

Our bed frame retail: $119

Cost of storage: $73 (mattress) + $53 (frame) +
$30 (pickup/delivery) + $10 (mattress bag) x 3* summers

Hassle of doing it all separately

Financial commitment to mattress and storage each year

$1,400 + Hassle + Financial Commitment

Sustainability & Quality

Due to the lack of recycling options and a resale market, most college students end up throwing out their used mattresses and foam toppers. These products are made from non-biodegradable synthetic foam and fibers and contain hazardous chemicals that can leach into drinking water. Furthermore, since they don't compact well, they take up a lot of space, further compounding the growing space crisis in landfills. Do yourself and the environment a favor and rent a bed today!


Have more questions?
Contact us at

We deliver at the beginning of the academic term (i.e. the first week of classes).
Please contact us if you are arriving at school early as we often need to work with you to make special arrangements.

It stays exactly where it is. The roomie super topper converts the twin XL provided by the school into a full XL or 46-inch wide mattress.

You go online, reserve your bed, and then relax! We take care of the rest. Delivery, assembly, and pick up are all included.

Not a problem. We rent to any student regardless of if they live on campus or off-campus.

If we deem the issue to be outside of normal wear and tear, we will ask you to replace the part that was broken at cost.

We offer a no questions asked return policy up to a month after renting. Just let us know you don't want it anymore and we will give you a full refund.

Just put I DONT KNOW for shipping address, and just put campus's city, state, and zip. We will get in touch to update your shipping address closer to move-in.

About Waking Wave Rentals

Waking Wave Rentals is run by Hayden Millward and Raj Maity. After spending freshman year on small, uncomfortable dorm beds, we wanted to create a more enjoyable dorm experience. Our solution is Waking Wave Rentals. With affordable, full-sized beds delivered right to your room, Waking Wave Rentals takes at least a little stress out of dorm living.